What is at stake when your system is infected with a Computer virus?

Not to use scare tactics, but when dealing with computer virus EVERYTHING is at stake. Your identity, your personal banking information, your credit cards, your social security number, and also all the information of everything that you do and type into the computer. A computer security breach can be the most devastating thing to happen to most of us. For that reason, it is of the utmost importance to always keep your system and your information secure. I am going to give you all the available tools and methods that I have used for more than 15 years to maintain my own personal system. So I know these things work and will be effective for you as well.


The most common methods of computer infection and what to look out for.

Most computer users fail to realize how easy it is to avoid a computer virus. I will tell you what some of them are. For one, never click on the hyperlinks inside of emails that are sent to you via a sender that you do not know or did not ask for directly from someone you do know. Never click on hyperlinks on social media sites unless you know the account of the person posting the link and have a security scanner for such link enabled inside your browser such as, Dr.Web, which is a simple plugin you can install on chrome and Mozilla. These types of plug ins will scan the links for you prior to following them and tell you if they pose a threat to your computer security. There are also a ton of free plug ins for your browsers that will help provide computer security while you are surfing the web or just playing on social media pages, and you can get the safest ones directly from the browsers plug in directories.


How to safeguard against online Computer Virus threats

The great thing about today’s technological era is that some of the best software out there to secure your computer is also free ware. You must have the proper security on your computer. When surfing the web or working, keep everything is secure and safe. It is also of the utmost importance to use an additional firewall other than just the one that comes standard with your operating system. I have recommended the Comodo Firewall only because I have been using it for some time now and can honestly say it is a strong solid freeware. As mentioned above, you as the user must also browse safe, don’t go to sites known for viruses and pups, and also don’t download music from unknown sources. This is often 1 of the top reasons systems become infected. Another high ranking computer security issue is opening unknown emails, and clicking on hyperlinks that are embedded.


The best removal options.

If your system has already become infected with a computer virus here are some options for removing the problem:

  • Download Malware Bytes and either avast or avg, and allow them to scan and remove.
  • Use Spybot to remove pups, adware, malware, and certain Trojans.
  • Consult with a professional computer repair tech.

Remember: If you use software and browser protection plugins, your chances of a computer virus infection drop to 8%. So to ensure your own safety make sure to research the information provided, and select the options that best suit your browsing needs and put them into place. This will allow you to also see what sites you may be using which are posing a threat to your security. This will ensure you become a smarter and more secure internet explorer.

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Tried and proven FREE software to help prevent infections.

  1. Malware bytes
  2. Avast
  3. AVG
  4. Spy Bot
  5. CCleaner
  6. Revo Uninstaller
  7. Glary Utilities
  8. Comodo Firewall
  9. Advance System Care


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