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Custom Website Design – Benefits of WordPress with DzoneCG Craftsmanship

Website Design Gone Bad

When website design meets WordPress crash, your viewers get somewhat of a splash.

Every professional WordPress installation includes the benefits of a tried, durable and flexible website design front-end. However, WordPress reliability does not necessarily assure speedy site creation, consistent image branding or even basic common courtesy during the update process. Your newly installed WordPress website carries some measure of integrated consumer appeal, but not ever custom website design company interprets WP with the same measure of customer satisfaction.

For the most part, WP provides a reliable and durable Internet front-end. Thousands of free plugins make site customization simple and quick. Pre-designed website templates provide out-of-the-gate marketing. Professional plugins usually enhance the performance and outreach of the free plugin marketplace. And when it all works smoothly, a WordPress website, custom or standardized, can establish your company with a beautiful, solid and highly functional Internet presence.

However, the very flexibility that helps make WP an outstanding website design front-end also works against the package. Not all plugins work well together. And one never knows when an upgrade or a newly installed plugin will turn your website into an incompatible mud pit. Therefore, you must always be prepared for the inevitable. Sooner or later, every viable WP website will crash.

When your WordPress website crashes due to an incompatible plugin, you expect quick and reliable response from your web design team. But if the core installation lacks the backing of professional website designers, you may experience misery upon misery, disappointed visitors, and unnecessary loss of company profits. DzoneCG helps protect you from such problems.

From consultation to finished design, DzoneCG provides the backup and the skill-set to ensure that your WordPress website remains alive and active as well as beautiful and functional.


Dzone Custom Website Design, Reducing the Cost of WordPress Failure

According to the Scott McNulty from the University of Pennsylvania, the December 6th site crash at Tumbir exceeded 18 hours of loss service (1). For a blogging service that averages 2 million posts per day, 18 hours ammounts to some serious loss of customer goodwill. Sometimes correcting such errors involves a quick fix. Sometimes the fix can take days. Here’s an example of how a WordPress site typically goes down:

·    The Webmaster installs or upgrades a plugin that clashes with WP or another installed plugin
·    Users begin to notice generic errors or the site displays complete unavailability
·    The Webmaster and the coders seek to resolve the problem
·    Sometimes the fix is as simple as dumping the problem plugin
·    Sometimes the website design team must restore the entire WordPress database and file group
·    Meantime, customers take their business elsewhere.

According to David Andersen, Hari Balakrishnan and M. Frans Kaashoek at Carnegie Mellon University and MIT Computer Science, the availability rate of the modern U.S. public telephone system tops 99.99% (2). Yet the average Internet availability rate can fall as low as 95%. This natural downtime, due to ISP reliability, can degrade your user’s perception of your website performance. Substantial revenue losses often follow.

Aside from changing ISP resources, having the support of DzoneCG may be your best means of keeping your clients satisfied with your website performance. Without adequate and professional technical support, your WordPress experience can become a battlefield of frustrating phone calls, unanswered emails and missed business. Without a functional contact page, your client moves to another site.

To keep this misery from happing to your company, DzoneCG remains on-call, 24/7. Every Dzone CGtech custom designed WP site is protected by a proven reputation for:

·    24-hour website correction service
·    Expert WordPress troubleshooting and diagnosis training
·    Speedy installation and upgrade management
·    Straight-Forward Pricing
·    AND 100% guarantees of reliable pre-testing of all plugin installations and upgrades.

With Dzone CGtech, you don’t just buy a custom website design and WP installation team – you buy the top skills and services in the web design industry. For more information on Dzone CGtech and how you can have a custom WordPress installation, click here.




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3 Reasons Custom Web Design is Not Dying

In many design circles, the word “template” has replaced the concept of Custom Web Design. Yet only a few years back, webmasters struggled to avoid use of a template boiler front. Part of the confusion comes from misunderstanding the practice of applied and reusable code. Rather than comprehending the essence of reliable and speedy programming application, some vision-limited designers lump all aspects of website construction into a single “template” format. In essence, they accept the myth of death to custom web design.

Every programming language takes advantage of reusable code. Failure to do so reflects narrow-minded thinking. A box is a box and a circle is a circle. Yet to reduce the entire process of web design to a collection of boxes and circles lacks creative appeal. For example: When designing a new automobile, Chevy doesn’t reinvent the wheel. However every auto manufacturer must incorporate the newest technology, aerodynamics and energy-management concepts into new product design. To be competitive, they can do no less.

Myth One – Custom Design Encourages Clients To Out-think the Designer

Clients are not website designers. Wise clients understand why they hired you rather than doing it themselves. A few may believe that the term “custom” reflects client management of the web design process, but any reasonable craftsman can easily deflect such false comprehension. Along with other features, custom website design applies to color schemes, graphic layout and goal-focused content. The core of the website consists of reusable program code modified only at strategic points best suited to the client’s vision and performance goals.

The client may always be right, but it is your job as a custom graphics and functional design expert to sell your skills in a way that:

  • Permits client involvement
  • Exalts the client’s corporate vision
  • AND still maintains the efficiency of professional design.


Myth Two – Visitors Ignore Custom Site Features

According to HubSpot, 76% of all website visitors count ease of use as the most desired design component (1). Beauty in appearance and a cutting edge interactive experience rank less than 10% in importance. However, such studies are somewhat misleading. Although most users do not conceive your website as custom or “template,” originality, color flow and layout affects the sense of usability.

For example: During the late 1700s, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832) argued that human perceptions of color directly affect what we see, think, feel and experience (2). Throughout the history of visual advertising, this simple truth has remained self-evident. How your website crafts and applies graphics can be used to establish certain consumer thought patterns. Observe how colors affect human emotion:

  • Red generates a sense of energy and excitement
  • Greer produces feelings of rest and peace. In fact, the color green when used in hospitals helps reduce patient blood pressure levels
  • Blue evokes a sense of calm and cool. Furthermore, Americans favor the color blue above all other colors
  • Purple brings about a sense of assurance, comfort and spiritual peace.

Custom colors and custom website graphics affect how visitors respond to your website. Never forsake sensible website design practices, but know that the same customized components that work to make your visitor feel relaxed and at ease will help promote a sense of satisfaction in how the site presents data to that visitor.


Myth Three – Custom Web Design Carries Poor Return On Investment

Too many web designers have come to believe that custom design and template design are distinctively different processes. This is due to the failure to comprehend the essence of computer programming. Now we know that custom menus can be more expensive than template menus, and we know that to be user-friendly the functionality of both menu-types must follow a common pattern. In the earlier days of custom web design, crafting a custom menu with distinctive graphic appeal amounted to considerable additional programming time. Modern custom website coding incorporates highly developed child-themes into existing bulk-order template themes, and produces a distribution ready product in record time frames. The old concept of months to readiness versus weeks to readiness is obsolete.

The ROI on modern custom web design barely exceeds the cost of moderately modified template website design. In a world driven by visual concepts, the ROI on a visually enhanced customized website may actually out deliver the out-of-the-box solutions being promoted by common web designers.

For more details on custom web design, click here.











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Crafting Web Design Usability That Encourages User Interaction

Whether getting off the ground or already flying, web design usability motivates visitor involvement. Online marketing is not easy. Instant and correct identification of your web design usabilityInternet presence marks the essence of online success. To encourage user interaction, you must deliver instant gratification that is complimented by a great ongoing visitor experience. This happens through quality website design.

To help you kick it off in the right direction, Dzone Web Design Cg presents the following list of core web design usability components.

1) Immediate Identification – Never assume that your visitor knows why you exist as an Internet business. Impart up-front identification of your products and services. Within moments of zooming down to your landing page, visitors should understand what customers Dzone CG serves, what services Dzone CG offers and why Dzone CG is the right choice for their needs.

2) Focus, Focus, Focus – Avoid flashy website design graphics that distract user attention from the main call to action. Point your digital finger directly on top of your products, services and calls to action. Know your focus and make certain that your visitor understands that focus. Avoid highlighting less important website content. Other pages will provide that opening.

3) Provide Quick Draw Page Loading – Slow loading web pages cost you visitors. Treat your website design landing page like a fast-food industry; get them in quick. Consumers will not wait in line. Avoid excessive graphics, cumbersome plugins and excessive data dump. To get response to your Dzone CG call to action, you must keep them on your Dzone CG website.

4) Clean and Efficient Processes – If Dzone CG intends to rope in customers, the company must provide simple, efficient and easy to identify contact forms, order forms and user login forms. Your company cannot afford to lose business merely because the user cannot locate your contact fields. Furthermore, most users have no desire to provide their life history during any point of contact much less during the initial point of contact. Make the Dzone CG contact system standout as clean, efficient and non-intrusive.

5) Simple Website Content Format – Most likely, your visitors are not here to review a copy of War and Peace. Keep content crisp, to the point and easy to digest. Avoid large chunks of overwhelming text. Use short paragraphs. Take advantage of bullet points. Apply bold face in limited quantities. Stick to standardized text colors, front sizes and spacing. Website content provides information. Unless purposefully selling your Dzone CG graphic skills, keep the website content clean, simple and easy to read.

6) Track and Monitor Visitors – To understand how well your online presence is received, you must track and monitor your visitors. Identify the primary Dzone CG landing page. Know where your visitors drop off and know where they linger. Users click things that catch their eye and then prompt their mind. To make Dzone CG a success, you must monitor and adjust, track and conform, review and improve.

7) Write the Talk – To communicate with your visitors, you must understand their slang language. But never jumble the meaning with a barrage of tech jargon. Use of too much jargon can cost you potential future clients. Use of too much professional chatter may make you seem distant to the average visitor. Find the compromise that presents a conversational tone in a manner that resonates with your target audience yet remains clean enough so that new comers can also digest the meal.

8) Test Website Design Performance and Responses – Carefully work different pages in a manner that permits you to test different web design usability options. When mixed with rigorous monitoring and tracking, a careful test design will help you find the focus that best fits your target market. Every preconceived concept of copy, design, images, layout and more has room for improvement. Test and track to determine which layouts best provide improved website usability.

9) Make It Simple – Navigation throughout Dzone CG is clear and easy to follow. This is your goal. If visitors cannot find what they seek without hunting and pecking, they will go elsewhere. Consider the popular “free” software sites. Those that hide website content may trick you once, but you quickly learn to avoid their traps and their websites.

10) Make Contact – Unless you just enjoy providing free web design usability, contact that results in sales should be your primary goal. Attracting visitors demands that you interact with those visitors, that you provide motivation for visitor interaction, that you provide honest and reliable information, and that you can convince your visitors that the Dzone CG services and products will meet and exceed their website design needs. Making contact is the most important component of your web design.


Web Design Usability – A Service of Dzone CG


Throughout this article, the name of Dzone CG has been substituted for the term “your website.” Dzone practically applies the principles posted in this article. They work and they work well. Great website design and website usability promotes Internet marketing success.


For more information on web design usability, click here.






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Website Design, DzoneWebsite design — 366 Million points of competition

Quality website design translates into better conversion of viewer to buyer. Websites that fail to produce conversions waste time, funds and mental resources. A December 2011 survey indicates approximately 366 million total websites available across the World Wide Web. Even when not seeking the same market, the competition seeks to capture visitors that could otherwise be counted among your customer base.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 27 million businesses operate in the United States (1). This count does not include governmental and tax-free organizations. Each website is designed to gain top rankings in search engines, consumer support and an efficient cost-to-conversion success rate. However, the path to success demands a purposeful and continuous course of action. For example: 

Visitor statistics from the Data Government website reveal a daily average of 3,469 unique visitors (2). The site, after almost five years in existence, has 696 Facebook shares, a Google page rank of 9 and an Alexa rank of 95917. These ratings do not come cheaply or easily. A 9 in Google page rank implies that everyone wants you. It sets your website on a par with Amazon, Apple and Yahoo. For comparison, consider that the average website hits a Google page rank of 3.

Page ranking has much to do with your position in Google search returns, yet business success equals page rank plus quality content for holding visitor attention and calls to action that motivate visitor conversions. 

Traffic minus conversions equals website design failure:

Yet website design is not all about visitors and page ranking. Focusing on visitors rather than conversion leads to the same dismal end result – no sales. Traffic without conversion is almost as bad as no web presence at all. Websites that lack conversion performance, even though they may draw a reasonable flow of visitors, include reasonably interesting content and offer interesting visual appeal, eventually prove non-profitable.

Quality website design incorporates layout, content and usability into a precision-focused conversion machine. Upfront identification of your products or services, your support and contact information and a clear description of what makes your services or products valuable to prospective customers enables the conversion tools to perform as planned. Profit leads to greater investment into site development and promotion. Move visitors are attracted. Page rank increases. Even more conversions take place and the profit keeps on climbing.

Best practices for website design and high conversion rates:

Effective web layouts push essential information front and center. By setting the details that make your website design vital to your visitors at the top of your web page, you set a hook to keep your visitor on your website. Statistics prove that 80% of your visitors will spend their viewing time above the fold. The “fold” represents visual digital real estate the can be viewed without need for scrolling the page.

Here are the key points to remember:

1) Create Fast Read and Decisive Information – Make certain that your visitor can instantly determine the focus of your website. Give them something that makes hanging around a worthwhile venture. The content should be easy to read, eye pleasing and designed to encourage deeper digging. Use white space to your advantage.

2) Highlight Your Product or Services – Need to know information includes what your offer and a quick showcase of features and benefits. Bring about an instant urge to purchase. Provide enticing and visually appealing reasons to make a purchase decision. Remember: No one enjoys searching for details.

3) Calls to Action – Quality website design encourages visitors to take a predetermined action. Place strong calls-to-action throughout the pages. Make the call explicit, but never assume that the visitor will respond to a single call. Each doorway must press to move the visitor into a conversion mindset.

4) Be Consistent – A consistent look and feel establishes a sense of purpose. Great web design uses the same scheme and color throughout the site. Images and layout should maintain a clean and polished look. Drastic changes in website design distract visitors. Never permit graphics or content that generates a sense of confusion. First impressions captured your visitor’s attention. Don’t shift gears in the middle of the project.

5) Define Clear Goals – Effective conversion depends upon efficient display of your business goals, your support force and your services and products. Always provide visitors with a clear image of your company, your goals and your interest in them as a visitor and a customer.

For more details or to consult with a dzone website design professional, click here.

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