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Crafting Web Design Usability That Encourages User Interaction

Whether getting off the ground or already flying, web design usability motivates visitor involvement. Online marketing is not easy. Instant and correct identification of your web design usabilityInternet presence marks the essence of online success. To encourage user interaction, you must deliver instant gratification that is complimented by a great ongoing visitor experience. This happens through quality website design.

To help you kick it off in the right direction, Dzone Web Design Cg presents the following list of core web design usability components.

1) Immediate Identification – Never assume that your visitor knows why you exist as an Internet business. Impart up-front identification of your products and services. Within moments of zooming down to your landing page, visitors should understand what customers Dzone CG serves, what services Dzone CG offers and why Dzone CG is the right choice for their needs.

2) Focus, Focus, Focus – Avoid flashy website design graphics that distract user attention from the main call to action. Point your digital finger directly on top of your products, services and calls to action. Know your focus and make certain that your visitor understands that focus. Avoid highlighting less important website content. Other pages will provide that opening.

3) Provide Quick Draw Page Loading – Slow loading web pages cost you visitors. Treat your website design landing page like a fast-food industry; get them in quick. Consumers will not wait in line. Avoid excessive graphics, cumbersome plugins and excessive data dump. To get response to your Dzone CG call to action, you must keep them on your Dzone CG website.

4) Clean and Efficient Processes – If Dzone CG intends to rope in customers, the company must provide simple, efficient and easy to identify contact forms, order forms and user login forms. Your company cannot afford to lose business merely because the user cannot locate your contact fields. Furthermore, most users have no desire to provide their life history during any point of contact much less during the initial point of contact. Make the Dzone CG contact system standout as clean, efficient and non-intrusive.

5) Simple Website Content Format – Most likely, your visitors are not here to review a copy of War and Peace. Keep content crisp, to the point and easy to digest. Avoid large chunks of overwhelming text. Use short paragraphs. Take advantage of bullet points. Apply bold face in limited quantities. Stick to standardized text colors, front sizes and spacing. Website content provides information. Unless purposefully selling your Dzone CG graphic skills, keep the website content clean, simple and easy to read.

6) Track and Monitor Visitors – To understand how well your online presence is received, you must track and monitor your visitors. Identify the primary Dzone CG landing page. Know where your visitors drop off and know where they linger. Users click things that catch their eye and then prompt their mind. To make Dzone CG a success, you must monitor and adjust, track and conform, review and improve.

7) Write the Talk – To communicate with your visitors, you must understand their slang language. But never jumble the meaning with a barrage of tech jargon. Use of too much jargon can cost you potential future clients. Use of too much professional chatter may make you seem distant to the average visitor. Find the compromise that presents a conversational tone in a manner that resonates with your target audience yet remains clean enough so that new comers can also digest the meal.

8) Test Website Design Performance and Responses – Carefully work different pages in a manner that permits you to test different web design usability options. When mixed with rigorous monitoring and tracking, a careful test design will help you find the focus that best fits your target market. Every preconceived concept of copy, design, images, layout and more has room for improvement. Test and track to determine which layouts best provide improved website usability.

9) Make It Simple – Navigation throughout Dzone CG is clear and easy to follow. This is your goal. If visitors cannot find what they seek without hunting and pecking, they will go elsewhere. Consider the popular “free” software sites. Those that hide website content may trick you once, but you quickly learn to avoid their traps and their websites.

10) Make Contact – Unless you just enjoy providing free web design usability, contact that results in sales should be your primary goal. Attracting visitors demands that you interact with those visitors, that you provide motivation for visitor interaction, that you provide honest and reliable information, and that you can convince your visitors that the Dzone CG services and products will meet and exceed their website design needs. Making contact is the most important component of your web design.


Web Design Usability – A Service of Dzone CG


Throughout this article, the name of Dzone CG has been substituted for the term “your website.” Dzone practically applies the principles posted in this article. They work and they work well. Great website design and website usability promotes Internet marketing success.


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