Do you have new software installations that your business or home needs installed onto your computers?

Most of us do, considering software’s are ever changing and always needing updated. Our company can help you with this matter very quickly and remotely. We can save you time and money by simply remote connecting to your computers and installing and launching the software’s for you! 

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software installations graphic

Installing new software can often be very tricky,

Due to today’s age of embedded files which often bring other software’s with it, we get stuck with more than we bargained for when trying to download a simple program. Our company are experts in this area and can always give you a bit by bit by play of what you need and what you do not when going through this process.

We are able to help you and your business with all your software installations needs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Above are some standard images we see when trying to download software’s.

Often there are little check boxes inside the software installations box, like in the “Java” Image, where you are asked to install a tool bar along with the program or the update. Notice that in the image the box is checked. When installing new software installations you must always look for those little boxes, and uncheck them if you do not want the software to prevent additional software installations from being installed along with the desired software.

Often when installing software you are asked to “RUN” the software as opposed to “Saving” it.

This is mainly due to the file being an execute file. You can always “Save” it instead of “Running” it and then scan it with your virus protection software prior to launching it. This allows you to catch any malicious software installations before you download it. 

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