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We pride ourselves in being able to help our clients quickly and efficiently. We offer to you remote technical support for your entire computer needs. This form of support is often much easier for the clients and allows us to actually see and interact with the issues at hand. We have found that trying to walk someone through a problem over the phone can be very time consuming for our clients and leads to frustration. Thanks to today’s ever growing technology we have found completely free software’s to use with our clients.  Below is a complete slider guiding you through the software that we use, and all the features that it offers. We are in no way promoting this product. This is simply the software that we use, and by no means are any of our clients required to download this product in order for us to repair their systems. There are numerous programs on the market which do the same thing and we are skilled with many of them. Our clients are also always offered to bring their system to our location for repairs.


remote tech graphic

Below are some facts about remote technical support.

Allowing our clients to know all the “Pro’s & Con’s” in this technologies usage.

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