Here at dzone web design & custom graphics we are very dedicated to our client’s full success.

We believe in making our Customer Requirements of web designing, graphics needs, computer repairs, and all other projects as easy and painless as possible. Therefore we want to make sure that we have what we call a full ‘Discovery” process for our clients. This allows for both parties to brain storm and collaborate together to reach a well laid out plan for bringing your dreams and ideas to life. We have taken countless hours combing through every possible outcome for our clients’ needs and have reached a conclusion that if we as the company lay out a plan of action for our valuable clients, it will ultimately help everyone in the process to know what we need from them and to help them discover what they need from us!

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Here is a check list for our clients to use for each of their project needs.

CustomerRequirements begin and end with you! Keep in mind that you DO NOT have to know any of these details; we can help you to get all this information compiled during our comprehensive “Discovery” process. Remember that allot of this information will also come out throughout the project scope, due to the fact that we all know as humans we change our minds, and create new ideas as we see something come to life, that after all is the exciting part of all creative processes. if you have any suggestions for things you as our prized customers think should also be incorporated into this check list feel free to send us an email regarding this list and we will take all suggestions into actions!  Are goal is to update the customer requirements to give you a better direction in are partnership. We value our customers to the highest degree and think that no company is ever successful without people just like YOU!!

What are the customer requirements. decide which of our services would best suit your needs.

Custom web design customer requirements:

  • Define what kind of web design your business needs.
  • Decide the short term and long term goals of your project.
  • Look at the types of images you would like to incorporate, consider the emotion you desire for the images to relay.
  • What content and information is most relevant to the client? Have you already written this content?
  • Is it ready for launching into the site?
  • What advertisement method will be incorporated? Have you already decided and designed the advertisements?
  • How do you want the consumer to maintain contact with your business?
  • Will the site be used as a gateway of live communication?
  • Does your site need to be mobile optimized?
  • Are you selling a product? If so what method of payment collections would you like to use?
  • Will your project need long term upkeep? As in a continuous team to update and create for you?
  • What is the time frame you have in mind for the project’s completion?

Custom graphics design customer requirements:

  • What styles of art do you like, modern, abstract, surrealism, photo realistic?
  • What size images do you want to incorporate?
  • How personal do you want the graphics to be?
  • Do you want full rights to the graphics?
  • Do you want to use it for personal or commercial use?

Search engine optimization customer requirements:

  • What is the site’s goal? Meaning tell us about your product!
  • Do you already know what your “Key Word” is? If not we will help you discover that!
  • What is your time frame for completion?
  • What is the goal for this optimization, meaning advertisement purposes or search engine finding?
  • What domain are you currently using?
  • What site building software was used? Meaning Word press, Dreamweaver, Joomla, Intuit, etc.

Computer repair customer requirements:

  • Are you able to boot up the computer?
  • Can you access your settings?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • Do you use an external back-up?
  • How long has this issue been happening?
  • Has any other computer repairs been done recently?
  • Such as updates to the operating system, new software installations, virus detection?
  • Do you have any recovery disks for your system?
  • Is your system used by multiple people?

Software installations customer requirements:

  • Do you own the rights to the software? Meaning have you purchased all the needed security keys.
  • How many systems will this software need to be installed on?
  • Do you have a reliable internet connection?
  • In what time frame do you need the software up and running?

Content writing customer requirements:

  • Have you decided what message you want to relay to your audience?
  • What is the goal of the content? To inform, or be descriptive?
  • How much content do you feel your web site needs?
  • How much content do you already have available?
  • Are you ready to start creating and being innovative together?

Remote technical support customer requirements:

  • Do you have a reliable internet connection?
  • Have you done your research on this type of assistance?
  • If not we have provided information about this service listed under the Remote Technical Support page.
  • Have you identified the issue that you’re facing?
  • Were you able to take any screen shots of the errors you’re receiving?
  • If not, this is always a helpful method to log the errors and keep track of them for repairing purposes.

Custom video & animations customer requirements:

  • What time frame do you have in mind for the completion of the project?
  • Do you want audio in the video?
  • Do you have the screen play planned out?
  • How long does the video or animation need to be?
  • What server do you want to use currently?
  • Are you open to the creative expression of the artist?
  • Are you ready to wow the clients?
  • What is your current targeted client?

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