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Business Web Page Design Facts:

• Engaging Layouts
When considering your design layout layout for any business page, you want to always look at it from the consumers prospective. Simple is always best when trying to start a new designing, you want to engage the customer but never to confuse them with a tedious complex layout.

• Eye Catching Graphics
Graphics can be the downfall of your site or the award winner. This is often why new business owners pay someone else to design them, but that does not always have to be the case, choosing your graphics can be made simple. Just follow 2 simple rules, always ensure they are directly related to your business and color scheme. Next have people you know and trust review the ideas with you, this always helps to get another perspective and usually one you can depend on.

• Simple Headings
The heading to your business page should always be simple and hold an “action” appeal. Drawing the consumer into the product or service but not giving out conflicting information. When in the design stages, make sure to go around to other sites in your industry and see how they created theirs, this will allow you to design yours with an original flair, but also keeping to what works.

• Over sized Backgrounds
In today’s market there is a high desire for the “less is more” theory. Keeping that in mind most designers are leaning towards a classic image in the background on the landing page or home page and keeping the information on that page as “calls to action” or more informative links. Now I for one am a rebel, and that being said I think you can go both ways, by having that same large background image, yet being able to place your information or advertisement messages on there as well, the trick to that is always placement, so make sure you are keeping everything even and maintaining that focal point of the page.

• Social Media Feeds
Social media is such an invaluable thing these days to the modern business owner. Most don’t even know its worth. The trick to the social media feeds is that it allows you to get more hands on with your consumers, speaking to them more directly with your information feeds and also advertisements. Right now there are thousands of “Groups” on Facebook alone that allow you as a business owner to go in and FREELY advertise your business! Linked in allows you to mass network and mass advertise also without spending a dime! When you are just starting out, it is so important to most of us small business owners to save money at every angle, so this is just the ticket!

• Innovative Illustrations
Illustrations can be very fun to use, due to the fact that you can provide your clientele with key information, deals, and discounts, in a very creative and artistic method. This is one of my favorite pieces to any major site. When I think of an awesome illustration, the first thing that comes to mind is a comedy factor. I am a firm believer that if you can make your consumer smile before they have to think, then you have already won the deal!

• Tours of Website and Tutorials
Every day average people like myself, enjoy these additional informative, and helpful tools. It can help your customer find what they are seeking without undue stress, and also provide them with a verbal and visual of your product and or services. Videos and guides are always a positive in any form when dealing in consumer satisfaction. They don’t always have to be complex or lengthy; in fact the better way to go about it is to make them short and straight to the point.

• Typography
This is simply a fancy word for the fonts that you will use in your site and advertisements. When creating a web design or advertisement, it is always best to stay with the 2 font variations on anything, but you always have to keep in mind when designing that not everyone’s computer has the fancy fonts or is able to see them correctly. With that in mind, I tend to tell people, keep it neat and clean. If you want flair make sure that is in an image so that there won’t be an issue with someone being able to see it as it should be.

• Clear Objectives
Web design should always be very focused on what you are trying to get across to the client. The information layout and call to actions should always be easy to understand and should follow a clear path to the end. I advise then when creating your objectives, drawing a graph or chart is always best, this allows you to see the flow of the information and gives you the ability to see it through your targeted client’s eyes.

• No Thinking
Experts always advise that the business’s advertisements and information layouts should never be so in depth that the client has to think about every 3rd word. I agree with this; however that being said, this could also not apply to certain industries as they are revolved around thought. I would say the best means to make the whole happy is keep all of the call to actions and all the paths to completion as clean and clear as possible, this allows a comfortable flow for the client to navigate to the ending goal.

• Color Palette
Colors will always depend on what it is you’re seeking. If your business is focused on danger then you would naturally seek a darker color palette. If you are in healthy living then it would be more pastels. However it is always wise to choose your 3 main colors, and keep everything centered on those as to not have so much happening that your clients get lost in the color wheel. I advise after choosing those colors you can get variations of them by simply doing mild color blends and bleeds. This will allow you to still show creativity without unnatural deviations.

• Blogging
Writing simple informative articles for your web site can hands down increase your traffic by 60%. What this does is provide another means for your site to get out there and noticed. Keep in mind you do not have to only write about your products or services, but you can and should go outside that box. Allowing your business web page to be seen in places it would not normally. I say stretch your creative fingers and let the good information roll!! If you have ideas and thoughts, then express them, information sharing should always be extensive and uniformed!

• Powerful Power Points
One of the best things about power points in CR=RC. That means controlled response equals response control. When we create power points they are simply another tool we can use to engage and inform our clients about our services and products right? So why not use every available means out there to do so! Use these to show future projects, new features, and always remember the 5 slide winner!!

• Personality
Bringing personal touches to any web design is essential to being realistic and personable. It is very important to stay true to your personality and business ethic when in the design, writing, or advertisement process. This will save you allot of time and undue stress later. I always say being you is more valuable than being someone else!! Allow realistic thoughts and ideas to pour into your work, that way at the end of the day, it will be something you can be proud of!

• No Clutter
Keeping your web design neat and clean is always the way to go. It is never a good idea to place too many items in one area; this can lead to confusion and higher bounce rates. The goal is to entertain but not to over stimulate. This same rule applies to content as well. You never want to have a page loaded with abundant content, spice things up a little with bullets, or strategically places icons and images; this allows for breaks during the read and keeps the person interested in what you are trying to get across.

• Search Box
A successful web design should always include an easy method for the consumer to “find” what they are seeking without forcing multiple page surfing. By adding this little tool to your web design you can ensure that they will be able to navigate to the services or products that they need without becoming annoyed with the site and going elsewhere. Keep the actual search bar itself very simple and clean, nothing to flashy!

• No Music
Music is only good when you are in the music industry. That being said, what happens with this all to often, is people become annoyed, or cannot focus on what needs to be focused on because they are trying to turn down the sound or get away from it. Sound is a wonderful thing if they are seeking it, and not such a great thing if it sneaks up on someone when they have no desire for it, so always keep in mind your viewers may not be in a place that sound is always appropriate, and it is never wise to make them uncomfortable.


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